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NTP Server Checker

NTP Time Server Solutions for computer networks
Correct time across mixed networks UNIX, Windows, NOVELL, etc.

Client Software for NTP and SNTP time synchronization
Windows time server products NT, 2000 and XP
Time Servers for correct time on Windows Operating System
CCTV time synchronisation
Digital Wall Clocks
MSF atomic clock receiver modules for OEM products

Information on synchronising the correct time on computers, network servers, NTP time servers, CCTV systems, Time & Attendance systems and wall clock using Atomic time signals from atomic clocks in Rugby MSF, Frankfurt DCF and Colorado WWVB and also satellite time using GPS can be found on this site.

Galleon is able to synchronise the correct time on NOVELL Netware and Windows NT servers and across networks using NTP (Network Time Protocol) for secondary servers, workstations and PC's. Software drivers for time synchronisation of Windows 2000, NT, 98, 95, 3.11, NOVELL and UNIX operating systems are available.

If you want the correct synchronised time on any electronic equipment then you have found the web site that specialises in Time Synchronisation.