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Atomic clock time PC time synchronisation for computers, CCTV and electronic equipment.

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Atomic Clock Time Synchronisation for, computers, computer networks; CCTV (Close Circuit Television) security surveillance, heating systems and time registration equipment, is supplied by Galleon Systems.

As a specialist in Time Synchronisation using Atomic Clocks and satellite GPS time, Galleon is able to offer a wide range of standard solutions plus bespoke time synchronisation product design if required.

Atomic Clocks enable a computer to operate using time accurate to one second in 1,000,000 years, with automatic correction for summer/winter time. They address computer systems, and other equipment that require accurate time for networks, logging of data and time synchronisation for example CCTV systems.

Products include; Atomic Radio Clocks (ARC) and GPS (Global positioning system) time synchronisation, Atomic Radio Time Receiver modules for integration into consumer and industrial products and real time solutions.

Galleon has supplied time synchronisation solutions to many companies including Matsushita, Rolls Royce, Honeywell, Fujitsu, Ford, Sharp, and Shell. In addition specialist time synchronisation systems have been created for the synchronisation of 2,600 workstations across a banks network, the synchronisation of 74 remote communication stations spread across the country, a similar system for a television broadcaster to synchronise the time of remote data logging across the country and a system for a Power Distribution company to measure the time of an event occurring at a sub power station to a accuracy of one micro second (0.000001 of a second). Galleon Atomic Radio Time clocks have been supplied across the globe.

Galleon is a company focused on supplying cost effective computer and electronic support equipment and systems, to the market of time synchronisation.

The UK time signal transmitted by the National Physics Laboratory is the most precise time available, accurate to 1 second in 1,000,000 years. The Galleon range of Atomic Radio Clocks uses the signal to synchronise the time recorded on video surveillance equipment. Galleon ARC-Clocks can synchronise the time on video sequencers, Digital Multiplexers, CCTV system or directly onto the video signal before recording. The signal can be received from either Rugby in the UK, Frankfurt in Germany or Colorado in North America.

Atomic Radio Clocks are available for

· America, using the W.W.V.B. time signal transmitter.

· Europe (Central) using the German DCF time signal transmitter.

· Europe (Britain, Eire and Portugal) using the British MSF time signal transmitter.

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