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Time Synchronisation.
NTP time servers European site. Site for Atomic clocks based on the Rugby MSF time signal. The old Galleon Time Synchronisation site. For time synchronisation of computers try the Galleon web site. The time synchronisation options are Atomic clock time , Time servers to synchronise. Computer time clock , time synchronisation and dedicated OEM receiver modules for the MSF radio time signal. Time and Attendance solutions for correct time , including digital wall clocks using the rugby MSF Atomic clocks for synchronisation, and even GPS time are also available. General information on Network Time Protocol NTP is can be found on this site.

NTP servers are used by organizations world-wide and provide reliable time Synchronisation 24 hours a day, there is a wide range of NTP time server Products avaliable

Protection for Computers.
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Time and Attendance
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Industrial Computers
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Time Attendance
Time And Attendance UK
QTAR supply Time And Attendance Software specifically for the medium to large companies.
Time And Attendance Solutions UK for SME companies.
Combined Access Control Time And Attendance for UK companies.
Time And Attendance Systems UK for proven Time And Attendance From QTAR the Time and Attendance specialists.

Time and attendance - Time Management by Computime UK

British horological Institute - Professional body created for people who work in horology

Facetime - Supply employee time and attendance systems, access control and school registration software to Companies across the UK.

Other Businesses

Tv Wall Mounts
China manufacturer for tv wall mounts, tv wall brackets, tv mounts, tv stands and tv brackets.

Wholesale Computer Parts, Hardware Supplier, Computer Distributor
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Knowledge Management Software - Leading Provider Of Web Based, Customer Support And Documentation Solutions, Featuring Our Help Desk Software.

Radio and Telly - for UK Radio and TV info, including digital, comedy and nostalgia

Tick-Clocks - Producers and sellers of a unique range of clocks

Discount Clock Shop - The Discount Clock Shop specializes in grandfather clocks, oak, cherry, key-wind, wood, floor, wall, and cuckoo clocks.
We have unusual novelty clocks that make unique gifts at a great price!

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