MSF receivers and antennas for Atomic Clock

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Atomic Technology

Transmitters across Europe and one in North America broadcast long-wave signals carrying comprehensive information on the time of day (hours, minutes and seconds) and date (year, month, day). With suitable technology and sensitive antennae, this signal may be received within a radius of 1,500km around the transmitter. We are offering suitable products for the most important time signals in the world, including ), MSF (England), DCF 77 (Germany, WWVB (USA). The radio-controlled clocks operate as highly accurate quartz clocks that are synchronised to the broadcast atomic clock time signal.

Rugby MSF AntennaActive Antennae

The active antenna mounted within a plastic enclosure receives the amplitude modulated signals from the time code transmitter (DCF or MSF). The open collector output delivers the demodulated signal for subsequent processing by a decoding circuit. The antenna is connected by a three wire cable and a stereo type cinch connector. Bandwidth: 700Hz
Dimensions: (120x20x19)mm

MSF receiverReceiver Modules and Antennae

When combined with a ferrite antenna, the receiver module acts as a complete unit for the reception of time code signals. With an additional level matching circuit, the demodulated output signal can be used to directly drive a decoding circuit. The module can be adapted to any available transmitter by simply replacing the crystal.
EM2 Operating Voltage: 1.5 - 3V
Dimensions: (13x25x10)mm

Rugby Atomic clock moduleMicrocontroller Module (MCM)

For applications with little technical overhead, a range of modules was developed for combination with the EM series of receiver modules and an antenna to create a radio controlled clock system. The modules consist of a 4 bit microcontroller including suitable peripheral functions and provides a RS232 output of the Time, Date, Day of week, Year, etc.

Dimensions: (21x5.7x10)mm

Receiver IC's

The receiver IC and the CPU are the heart of any radio controlled clock. The receiver IC is responsible for receiving and demodulating the time information transmitted by time code transmitters in the long wave band. The products based on the principle of a straight receiver were specifically designed for low power operation and high gain.

Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage: min 1.2V max 3.3V
Chip Dimensions: AK2124 2.2x2.55mm
AK2127 1.8x2.1mm

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