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Why choose a Galleon Time Server?

NTP Time server
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Why do you need a Time Server!

The Accuracy: NTP Time Servers ensure that all networked computers are synchronised automatically to the accurate time and date, now and in the future.

The Synchronisation: Both NOVELL and Microsoft recommend the use of an accurate time source for the Synchronisation of networked servers, A Galleon NTP Time Server is the proven solution.

The Security: Servers and Workstations always have the correct time for applications such as e-commerce, e-mail and EDI.

The Control: You as the user have control of the configuration. For example you can automatically change the time forward and back each Spring and Autumn for daylight saving time or set your server time to be locked to UTC time only or lock it to any time zone of your choice.

The Protection: If your getting time from the internet then your opening a door for hackers to inject a virus into your network. Using Radio or GPS atomic clocks provide accurate time behind your firewall maintaining you security.

The Happy users: Stop users complaining about incorrect time on their workstations

The Automatic update of time. No user intervention required.

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