Galleon Clock for Time Synchronisation

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Why choose a Galleon Time Server Atomic Clock?

NTP Time server
Atomic clock

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Simple Installation. Easy to install into the work place.

Reliable, Galleon products including Atomic Clocks and NTP Time Servers are used by organizations world-wide and provide reliable time Synchronisation 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Cost Effective. By being a specialist in Time Synchronisation Galleon offers a full product range so you buy the correct product for you needs, not one designed for a Multinational corporation.

Proven technology which is already in use in thousands of organizations including 3M, Shell, NASDAQ, AIB Bank, Fujitsu, Buckingham Palace, Ford Credit, Rolls Royce, GlaxoSmithKline, Deutsche Bank, Bank of England, Sharp, Daimler Chrysler and also Cannon amongst others.

Lifetime Technical support. We believe that technical support should be free no matter how long you use a Galleon product for.

3 Year warranty. At Galleon we offer a 3 year warranty on ServerARC, ServerGPS, WorkstationARC and WorkstationGPS NTP Time Server products.

MSF and GPS: Our products use the Rugby MSF time signal or GPS satellites time. If you want you can have both time sources linked to your Galleon NTP Time Server for redundancy in the event that one time source is not available.

Full product range, From Dedicated Rack Mount NTP Time Servers that synchronise the time of thousands of computers across a network to simple Atomic Clocks that connect to a single PC. Galleon the time specialists have a cost effective solution for you.

Automatic update of time. No user intervention required.

Customized products: As a specialist supplier, with the widest product range of dedicated Time Servers in the World if we haven’t got the time Synchronisation product you want contact us because we can modify the standard products to your specific requirements.

Galleon Clock for Time Synchronization.

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For more information about Galleon Systems and products click here.
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