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Operating System - NOVELL
Task - Synchronise time on a NOVELL server.
With NOVELL 4, 5 and above it is possible to synchronise all servers using ??? and to synchronise all clients at logon.


Server ARC with remote antenna (IP65) for NOVELL 3, 4 & 5 . Atomic Radio Controlled Computer Clock with remote antenna up to 150m (500 ft) away, integral Time display and signal strength indicator, serial interface, LED signal display, mains powered supply and converter. NLM software driver for NOVELL server.Guaranteed to obtain a signal. RTA/D/NV

Main Benefit-
Advantage of the ServerARC is that you are guaranteed to obtain the Atomic Radio Time Signal because the remote antenna can be positioned where a good radio signal is received and then bolted to the wall. Also the ServerARC is mains powered so you simple install and forget about it and the Galleon Atomic Radio Clock will keep your computer time correct year after year after year.


Entry level Workstation ARC for NOVELL 3, 4 & 5 NLM software driver and battery powered Atomic Radio Controlled Computer Clock, with serial interface, time, date and signal strength display CWM01010/NV
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