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Unix Drivers Software Manual

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Unix Drivers Software Manual

1 Compilation

The command line for compiling the rugby driver is

cc rugby.c -o rugby

The following options are also available when compiling the driver.

NOT_STIME���������� where stime() is not supported uses settimeofday()

NON_ANSI����������� non-ansi function compiler bypass declarations

NO_REDECLAREdon�t redeclare standard library functions e.g. read()

e.g. cc -DNOT_STIME -DNON_ANSI rugby.c -o rugby

Running the driver

The rugby driver can be run in a number of ways as listed below. It must be run as super-user (root).

Path ��� should be the full path of the rugby driver.

Port ���� is the port the clock is connected to and should be the

full device path, i.e. /dev/tty1

-s time is the length of time in seconds between each update of

the system time. If -1 is passed as the time then the time will only be updated once and the rugby driver will terminate. If no time period is passed then default of one hour will be assumed.

-u �������� The driver supports universal time, placing -u as an

argument will mean that during BST the driver will subtract 1 hour from the time before updating the system time.

Command Line Prompt

The driver should be run as path/rugby port [-stime] [-u]

������������������ e.g. /u/local/rugby /dev/tty1 -s60 -u

Cron (super-user only)

The cron command should be path/rugby port -s-1 [-u]

For full details of using cron please see your manual.


An entry should be added to the /etc/inittab file and the command should use the following format

path/rugby port [-stime] [-u]

Driver Hangs When Run, Or Gives An Error While Opening The Serial Line

The clock does not support all hardware control signals on the serial interface. If this causes a problem on your machine then the following jumpering should be made at the server end.

IBM Serial Port����������������������� IBM Serial Port

9 Pin Connector��������������������� 25 Pin Connector

7 & 8�������������������������������������� 4 & 5

1 & 4 & 6��������������������������������������������6 & 8 & 20

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