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MS DOS and Windows 3.1

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MS DOS and Windows 3.1 Software Manual

The interface cable is connected via the RJ45 standard Western type connector to the Atomic Radio Clock (ARC) clock and via the standard 9 pin interface connector to an unused port of your PC, usually marked COM1 � COM4.

To plug the 9 pin interface connector into a 25 pin serial port connector you will need a 9 to 25 pin adapter. Your dealer can usually supply one.

To connect your PC to your ARC clock use either the WINDOWS or MS DOS software driver included on the supplied disk.

Please read all documentation and the README.TXT file, which contains some more hints about installation and possible errors.


To install the software insert the supplied disk in drive A, move to sub-directory A:\DOS and type �INSTALL C:�, then answer the prompted questions. Depending on the settings chosen, the driver PCFD reads in the ARC desktop clock time and data information then updates the PC real time clock and the PC internal time. This can be every few seconds or each time the machine is switched on. The accuracy is to fractions of a second.


To install under Windows 3.1 start Windows from the �Program Manager�, execute the file �SETUP.EXE� which is contained in sub-directory A:\WIN31 on the supplied disk. Then simply answer the prompted questions.

Note: Do not use the driver PCFD, installed resident, under Windows 3.1.

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