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For products and information on time synchronisation and other computer and network time synchronisation solutions, please take time to visit Galleon's web-site.


Galleon's products, range from GPS time servers to Server ARCs with remote antenna . Galleon is the only supplier with comprehensive network time synchronisation solutions that include the dedicated network time servers and the necessary synchronisation, management and monitoring software that synchronizes the time on IT devices such as workstations, servers and routers.

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Title: time synchronisation - Galleon specialises in providing accurate time synchronisation solutions for computers and computer networks. Our products can synchronise computers within fractions of the correct time. 

Visit Galleon's web-site for full details of our extensive product range.

Title: Even though this is hosted at, this is not the official NTP documentation or the official NTP FAQ. This is intended to be the collection point for cookbook configurations, tips, hints, tricks, and other comments from directly from various members of the NTP community that might be beneficial to others within the community. Anyone who is interested in helping to develop or improve documentation for NTP is encouraged to join and contribute.
Title: Understanding and using the Network Time Protocol (A first try on a non-technical Mini-HOWTO and FAQ on NTP)
Title: The current standard for SNTP, a version of the protocol for implementations which do not need all of the features of NTP. Available here in HTML, PDF, and Postscript formats